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  • Hyundai will produce cars in Saudi Arabia
    09 November 2023
    The Korean carmaker Hyundai has announced that it will produce cars in Saudi Arabia. This will be its first plant in the Middle East. This announcement follows by a few weeks the announcement made by the American brand Lucid of its plant opening in Saudi Arabia. This announcement by a second carmaker to produce cars in this country is part of a vast overall plan by the Saudi government to diversify the country's industry, which is today mainly based on the oil industry. This overall plan is financed by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and the Saudi sovereign fund. Saudi Arabia aims to assemble 300,000 cars of all brands per year from 2030.
    Lucid has declared that it wants to produce 5,000 battery electric vehicles per year in SKD (Semi Knocked Down) in the Jeddah region, on the banks of the Red Sea, and then 150,000 units in 2030. Hyundai wants to produce 50,000 thermal and battery electric vehicles each year, probably in CKD (Complete Knocked Down) or SKD (Semi Knocked Down).
    PIF will hold a 70% stake in the new joint venture that will assemble the Hyundai models, with the Korean carmaker holding the remaining 30%. The plant enabling this production will be built in 2024-2025 and will begin operations in 2026. The precise location of the plant has not yet been revealed, nor the models that will be assembled there.
    Remember that the Saudi automobile market represented 650,000 vehicles in 2022, compared to 580,000 in 2021 and 470,000 in 2020. Hyundai occupies on average 20% of this market each year, or 130,000 units in 2022.
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  • Inovev forecasts 150,000 units per year of the new Citroën C3
    03 November 2023

    The Citroën brand (a subsidiary of the Stellantis group) has unveiled the new generation of its B-segment sedan, the C3, which moves away from the traditional design of the brand to a more impersonal style which is somewhat inspired by the Dacia Spring but above all evokes the Fiat style (very vertical front part, square Panda-style bodywork). This is no coincidence since the future Fiat Panda launched in 2024 will largely adopt the style of the new Citroën C3. This new C3 seems also largely based on the C3 produced an sold in India.

    -Importantly, the new C3 will be offered for the first time in a battery electric version, and it is this version that is marketed first.
    The carmaker proposes the
    e-C3 at a price very close to that of a lower segment Dacia Spring (A-segment), i.e. 23,300 euros compared to 22,300 euros for the Dacia.-To obtain such a low price, Citroën uses the CMP Entry platform already used on the Indian Citroën C3. The e-C3 has an 83 kW (113 hp) electric motor compared to 48 kW (65 hp) for the Dacia Spring and a 44 kWh battery allowing a range of 320 km (compared to 230 km for the Dacia Spring ) according to the WLTP cycle. A version with a 1,2 litter petrol will also be available.

    -The new C3 is 2 cm longer than the old one (4.01 m instead of 3.99 m) and 28 cm longer than the Dacia Spring. Above all, it is 9 cm higher than the old C3 (1.57 m instead of 1.48 m), also approaching the size of a small SUV. The new Citroën C3 will be produced at 150,000 units per year at the Slovak Trnava site alongside the future Citroën C3 Aircross (or C3 X) and Opel Crossland.

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