Photos of the 2019 CCE-Inovev Automotive Platform 2:
- conferences during the Automotive Innovations Conferences (AIC)
- exhibition on the Automotive Innovations Display Pole (AIP)
All these photos, and many other files (photos, videos, presentations, lectures,...) relating to AIP (Automotive Innovations Pole) and AIC (Automotive Innovations Conferences) can be downloaded upon registration.
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CCE2019-AIC-MC CCE2019-AIC-Room CCE2019-AIC-Speakers CCE2019-AIP-1
CCE2019-AIP-2 CCE2019-AIP-3 CCE2019-AIP-4 CCE2019-AIP-5
CCE2019-AIP-6 CCE2019-AIP-GreatWall CCE2019-AIP-JeepMagnaTailgate CCE2019-AIP-MockUp
  CCE 2019 Automotive Platform: Contributing companies (exhibitors and speakers)
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