Two big events relating to composite materials are held in the world:
- China Composites Expo.
It is held each year in Shanghai, China, in September.
It is held each year in Paris, Europe, in March
 Automotive industry is a big outlet of composite materials and draw technological innovations.
Inovev, a leader in B2B services for the automotive industry is a partner of the two events.
China Composites Expo (CCE)
• China is the world’s biggest automotive market,
with 25M/28M vehicles sold yearly: 28 M in 2018, 26 in 2019, 25 in 2020 and 27M  in 2021.
The Chinese government and carmakers are pushing for the development of lightweight solutions for vehicles in order to reduce their environmental footprint.
Composite materials are excellent candidates to respond to this need of weight reduction.
China Composites Expo attracts each year more than 3 000 attendees from the Automotive Industry.
Consequently, CCE's organisers have constructed, in partnership with Inovev, CCE-automotive,
an event focused on the automotive industry inside the event CCE.
This event, held in 2017, 2018, 2019 is composed of:
- an Automotive Innovation Display pole,a 250 square metre surface on which non-Chinese innovatons were presented: 6 flagships and 60 innovative applications,
- each year a full day of high-level conferences,
- an online platform (ACIP: Automotive Composites Innovation Platform) visited by hundreds of users each day, on and after the event. This platform displays in particular ore than 600 innovative automotive parts constructed with composite materials.
 Due to the covid-19 pandemy, a break was made in 2020 and 2021 concerning the presentiel services.
However the on-line platform (in Engllish and Chinese languages) remained acessible 
with a continuous input of new innovations: 111 in 2020 and 68 in 2021.
In 2022 activity is expected to resume at a normal level.

Objectives of Inovev

• Present the latest automotive composites innovations to Chinese visitors in an innovative environment.
• Boost connections and interaction between the composites and automotive Industries.
• Reinforce relations between Chinese and international carmakers and suppliers.

CCE Automotive is organised by

CCE2017-logo China Composites Expo
The Biggest Composites Event in Asia-Pacific      

and co-organised by 

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   A Global Service Company dedicated to Automotive Industry


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