Market automotive products:

All analyses and data (past, current, forecasts) 
relating to 
the global automotive production (vehicles and engines) and registrations.


Inovev has conceived and built a comprehensive database relating to the 
quantities of automotive vehicles and engines, which are produced and sold all over the world.
Data is detailed by make, model, country, plant, ...

They are continuously updated by Inovev's experts, with the support of their correspondents in the world.
Updates are provided yearly, each semester or monthly depending on the products.

Forecasts are constructed taking into account the most recent analyses relating to the worldwide economies and the strategy and policy of carmakers (in particular concerning the launch of new cars in the next years).
The data and analyses are provided under the form of auto-analyses (brief analyses composed of around 15-line texts and relevant charts) as well as open spreadsheet (Excel) files, which are extracts of Inovev's 
main database. All our data is coherent as it is sourced from a unique database.A wide range of products are available, from free products already providing a very good level of information to very high value-added products matching the needs of the most demanding professionals of the automotive industry.

Customised products can also be constructed on demand.In order for each user to rapidly find the products that he needs, all the products have been classified and can be quickly sorted according to professional criteria.
Free products can be downloaded immediately and non-free products after their payment (immediate download in case of payment by card).

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  - Documented market analyses.
  - Data supporting the analyses. 
  - Support of Inovev analysts to answer your questions. 
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