The Inovev's Business model is a Freemium type (Free + Premium).
A first level of consisten information is provided free of charge (in "public" level and "classic" level).

However obtaining and processing reliable and comprehensive information and analyses involves a team of  professionals that must be financed.
Inovev's business mode is based on a very reliable and professional information sold to a large number of people all around the world, without any advertising (which guarantees the independence of Inovev's information and analyses).

Such a business model allows very competitive price, much lower than those proposed by competitors whose business model is to sell to less people but at very high prices.

Inovev's product prices are as follows:

"Public" level (without registration),  "Classic" level (upon registration) and "Media" level (Media: please contact us): free of charge.

"Premium 1" level: 1 year: 600 Euros ( 50 Euros per month ).

"Premium 2" level: 1 year: 1 000 Euros ( 84 Euros per month ).


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As a member of a media, you can have access to:

  - Documented market analyses.
  - Data supporting the analyses. 
  - Support of Inovev analysts to answer your questions. 
- Request your access by sending an email to
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