Data specific to the logistics industry

Flow of light vehicles from production plants to countries market. Where light vehicles are produced and where they are sold? 
Main features of this file:
Content Production and registrations data relating to passenger cars (PCs)
and light utility vehicles (LUVs). 
Data detailed by model, dimensions and production plant.
Geographical scope Worldwide for the production and Europe for the countries sales.
Time coverage Forecast over 4 years (current year + 3 following years).
Number of versions A first version at beginning of Jannuary, a second version at beginning of September
VehicleFlow Illustration2
a sample
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  Dimensions of light vehicles marketed in Europe  
Main features of this file:
Content Dimensions (length, width, height, weight) of light vehicles (PC and LUV) marketed in EuropeData detailed by model, SOP/EOP, segment (A,B...F) and body type (SUV, Sedan...). 
Geographical scope Europe
Time coverage Past + Forecast over 2 years (current year + 1 following year).
Number of versions Data updated every montn
VehicleDimensions Illustration2
a sample
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