About Inovev

Inovev covers major fields of the automotive industry    
Automotive Market   Automotive Technologies
Production and registrations: 
- Excel files
- Analyses (Weekly & Database)
- Studies
- Dashboards
Innovations & noticeable systems/technologies: 
- Attracting innovations
- Promoting innovations
- Presenting noticeable systems/technologies
- Studies

The company Inovev is a global service company fully dedicated to the automotive industry.

It brings data, analyses and services to automotive professionals who design and engineer vehicles and automotive systems: professionals from carmakers and their supply chain. In particular it matches the needs in innovations and the responses to these needs. It attracts worldwide innovations towards companies needing them and promotes innovations of companies developing them.
Its activities are both:
- Digital: through,in particular, the development and use of the Inovev Internet Innovation Platform (“I3P”) matching the innovation needs and the innovation proposals.This platform has been selected by the French Industry (French Automotive Platform) as one of their major tools to develop automotive innovations.
- Brick and mortar: Inovev has developed competences and skills in presentations in conferences, and exhibitions.
Inovev strong assets are based on:
- A global (France, Germany, China, Japan) experienced team of experts in automotive industry.
- A worldwide network in the automotive industry.
- An extensive experience in collecting and processing information/data.
- A highly interactive platform, with customised content and access.
- The knowledge and management of market (production and registrations) and technical information.
- A large portfolio of customers (carmakers, suppliers, government…).




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 Contact us:

Headquarter address:
34 rue Camille Pelletan
92300 Levallois-Perret (Grand Paris)

+33 952 96 06 78

For any question you may have, please send an email to info@inovev.com

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