CCE 2019 :  overview 
CCE 2019 was the last  CCE before the pandemy.
It was very sucessful with:
- a complete cycle of conferences: Automotive Innovations Conferences (AIC)
- the exhibition of very innovative partson the Automotive Innovations Display Pole (AIP)
- the possibility to consult the automotive composites parts database (I3P)
 CCE 2019 :  overview photos
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CCE2019-AIC-MC CCE2019-AIC-Room CCE2019-AIC-Speakers CCE2019-AIP-1
CCE2019-AIP-2 CCE2019-AIP-3 CCE2019-AIP-4 CCE2019-AIP-5
CCE2019-AIP-6 CCE2019-AIP-GreatWall CCE2019-AIP-JeepMagnaTailgate CCE2019-AIP-MockUp
  CCE 2019 Automotive Platform: Contributing companies (exhibitors and speakers)

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