With a Premium access, you benefit from :

- receiving twice a month by e-mail 10 analyses in pdf format (and then downladable on the database in powerpoint format).

- getting access to a database of more than 2 500 analyses (downloadable in pdf and ppt format).

One purchased Premium access is valid only for one user (identified by one e-mail address).

For each level, 1 year (precisely 365 days) subscription is proposed.

Your commitment concerns only the selected period. There is no tacit renewal. 

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You can order by two different ways:

1. By downloading the order form (click here to download the order form),
fill it in, and send it to Inovev by e-mail (info@inovev.com).
Access to the selected "Premium" level will be granted as soon as we receive the payment.

2. Or by ordering and paying on-line (please click here).
Access to the selected level is then granted automatically and immediately.