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Content of the report
xEVs vehicles are increasing very rapidly in the world, and more specifically in Europe.
The automotive industry has to adapt to this mutation and anticipate sufficiently in advance the trends.
The electric motor is much more simpler than the thermal motor. A key component appears: the battery.
More generally, parts will disappear, parts will appear and parts will be modified.
In order to match its client's demand, Inovev has carried out in-depth analyses relating to the market and tecchnologies of xEVs.
Six studies have been carried out, 4 relating to xEVs: xEVs Market, Electrification Technologies, Batteries and the plastics for xEVs, 
and in addition 2 reports more which are not specific to the xEVs but enable a better comprehension of xEVs market and technologies:
1 concerning automotive masses and one concerning automotive emissions.
On the present page we present the "Electrification technologies" report.
Objective of the report
The electrified vehicles are very diverse: many types of HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles), BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles), PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles), FCVs (Fuel Cell Vehicles).
The motorisations are quite different from traditionnal thermal vehicles'.
The transition towards the electrification will have a strong impact on the entire automotive supply chain.
The architectures will evolve.
Many parts disappear, what will lead their manufacturers also to diasppear unless they reconvert into new businesses.
Conversely new parts appear, opening exciting new markets.
In order to be the winners and not the loosers,  the automotive industry companies have to improve continuously their knowledge of the new electrification technologies and their impact on the design/engineering of cars.
In the "Electrication Technologies" study, Inovev analyses:
- the different types of electrification: BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) and the various types of hybridation,
- the electric motor technologies: synchronous and asynchronous, Permanent Magnet or coil, 
- the market by type of motors,
- ....
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