sept. 5, 2018
11.05 am to 11.50 am
Thomas Xu
Business Development Manager Automotive China
Thomas XU graduated from Anhui University with a master's degree in polymer materials.
He has many years of experience in the development and technical service of polyurethane foams, elastomers, composites and dispersions.
Since joining Hexion in 2016, he has been mainly engaged in technical services and market development of epoxy resin and phenolic resin-based composite materials for automotive and rail transportation.
The main research direction: the application of epoxy / phenolic fiber reinforced materials in the field of automobiles and rail transit.
Thomas was the organizer of Taicang Zhonghua Environmental Chemical Co., Ltd. - Business Development Department from 2012 to 2013; and was a technical service engineer of BASF Polyurethane Special Products (China) Co., Ltd. from 2013 to 2016; since 2016, he  is the business development manager  of Hexion Chemical.
New thermoset developments for mass production of automotive parts
The latest thermoset development for light-weight automotive composite applications in mass production are presented. A systematic approach is used to improve the mechanical properties of epoxy/carbon fiber SMC to achieve the highest performance in the industrial scale process. A new phenolic SMC is introduced that was molded into a battery box cover from a production electrical vehicle. The part has excellent fire retardant characteristics and passes the ECE R100 and GB/T 31467.3 tests. Furthermore, the PuriCoat platform for producing Class A surface quality, visible lightweight components within a very short cycle time is launched. The platform’s negligible emission levels address the growing regulatory demand for VOC-free solutions.
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