sept. 3, 2019
2:00 pm to 2:45 pm
Flexible and economical process for mass production of hybrid lightweight composites
  • Continuous Fiber reinforced composites have a large potential in modern automobile and related applications, especially for structural composites. With the use of UD tapes for local reinforcements, it is easily possible to place them alongside the load passes of the component to utilize its full strength potential as well as to increase the impact resistance where they are really need to carry the load. 
  • The automotive industry with its high requirements for high-volume and quality production requires a highly efficient production process with short cycle times.
  • Dieffenbacher developed and introduced recently the new and state of the art Tailored Blank Line that copes all the requirements and therefore offers the benefit of a large-scale production in a precise, fast and economical way for the production of tailored fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites. 
  • The new tape laying system and new vacuum-assisted consolidation system developed by Dieffenbacher are the core of the Tailored Blank Line. Together with downstream systems, such as the handling robot and forming press, more than one million parts can be manufactured per year on just one line.
Business Unit Composites Chief Sales Manager
Mr. Guo Zhiwei is Graduated from the Tianjin Polytechnic University, fiber reinforced composite materials professional. 
He’s working in the Auto composites industry for 18 years, successively in Saint-Gobain – Vetrotex and Ranger Auto. 
With technology, market and management experiences, Mr. Guo Zhiwei has developed a deeper understanding and awareness of automotive composite materials. 
Now at the Dieffenbacher group, Mr Guo Zhiwei occupies the position of Chinese chief sales manager and responsible for the business unit of composites in the China regional market and sales.
Dieffenbacher Group - SWPM
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