sept. 3, 2019
10:15 am to 11.00 am
New design scope for aerodynamic and acoustic optimization of the underbody of fully electrified vehicles
The all new Audi e tron, which is the first BEV model from Audi, is a technological breakthrough. The development of a specific platform, integrating the battery pack pushed Audi to rethink the design of many parts, and especially the underbody. In my lecture, I will present to the audience the functional requirements of the underbody. The changes of the car underbody, from a thermal model to BEV. We will then focus on the underbody system of the Audi e-tron and conclude by the new opportunities in underbody systems for BEV.
Development engineer – underbody systems
Philipp Malzkorn was graduated from the University of applied science in Zwickau (Germany), where he followed an automotive engineering education. 
He had his first experience at Daimler where he worked on the development of bumper systems. 
Then he joined in 2013, the engineering German company, EDAG Engineering AG, as an Engineering development. 
And, since 2015, Philipp Malzkorn works for Audi on the development of underbody systems. 
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