sept. 3, 2019
9:35 am to 10:15 am
Together let’s enhance the automotive future
In recent years, the automotive industry has experienced a revolution.
The consumer revolution with a market epicentre which has moved to China.
The revolution of the way to consume vehicles, with the boom of mobility services.
The revolution of technologies (electrification, connectivity, autonomous vehicles).
The revolution of decision-making processes that govern these technological choices (stronger implication of governments).
However, the automobile product by itself is still today at the beginning of its mutation. The automobile is still a four wheels vehicle, with a steering wheel, seats and engine, in a steel box surrounded by plastic parts.
But the automobile in the next 20 years will dramatically change and the composites industry will drive these changes!
Innovations in the composites will unfreeze the design, production and consumption modes of vehicles.
This lecture will present the ways these innovations will lead to development of composites in the automotive industry.
Together, let’s enhance the automotive future!
For the last four decades, Michel COSTES has been working to support the development of an efficient sustainable automotive industry. 
He is an expert in automotive construction and has actively participated to automotive innovation, from inside the automotive industry (in carmakers and suppliers), as well as an independent analyst (as head of its companies).
He created several companies and is the founder and president of Inovev, a leading service company dedicated to the automotive industry.
He has a strong experience in automotive composites.
He has managed in the eighties the engineering  & development of the “Plastics Business unit” of Renault (focused at this time on SMC), has been the global director of automotive activities of the leading material company Rhône Poulenc.
He has created and is now managing the company Inovev, renowned for the quality of its service to worldwide automotive industry: analyses and support of innovations.
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