sept. 3, 2019
1.15 pm to 2.00 pm
Development and trends in composite manufacturing
Over the past few decades, our cars have transformed into technological marvels, becoming safer, cooler, and more exciting to drive, while improving efficiency and sustainability. During this march of innovation, it may not have been so noticeable that the use of plastics has skyrocketed. Today’s cars are comprised of about 50 percent plastics by volume. BUT because plastics are typically lighter than other materials, plastics comprise only ten percent of today’s cars by weight. Few innovations provide a more wide-ranging performance and efficiency advantage than reducing weight. Those “advanced” materials—such as polymer composites, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, 3-D printed plastic parts —are enabling remarkable improvements in safety, design, and performance and may usher in a whole new era in vehicle manufacturing and sustainability. Discover the latest trends & innovations in Composite Technologies and how it can contribute to an efficient mobility, through the eyes of Dr Henning, Managing Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology.
Director Polymer Engineering & Deputy Director
Since 2016, Prof. Dr. Frank Henning has been Managing Director of the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Composites Manufacturing in Ulsan, Korea and since 2011 of the Fraunhofer Project Center for Research in London, Ontario, Canada. Since 2010, he has been an Adjunct Research Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. In 2009, he was named Deputy Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal, Germany, as well as Director of Fraunhofer FIL in Augsburg, Germany. 
In 2008, Henning was appointed Professor for Light-Weight Technologies at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany; and that same year, he was appointed CEO of the Fraunhofer innovation cluster KITe hyLITE - Karlsruhe Innovation Cluster for Hybrid Light-Weight Solutions.
Graduated in 1996 from the Universität Stuttgart in Germany with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Frank Henning has been a Fellow in the Society of Plastics Engineers since 2013.
Fraunhofer ICT
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