A brand new study

Following the success of its study relating to Carbon Fiber Composites in the European automotive industry,

Inovev launches a new study relating to High Performance Glass Fiber Composites in the European automotive industry.

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High Performance Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (HP-GFRP) in the European Automotive Industry

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Information in brief
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Starts on 1st December 2017 - Final report and database available on 31st March 2018
Support automotive industry in developing HP-GFRP - Identification of the best parts and technologies to target
ØKnowledge of the existing
• Construction of a database of known innovative applications (knowledge of the existing).
• Desktop work relating to R&D projects.

ØView of the future
• Construction by Inovev of a questionnaire.
• Interviews of managers of the automotive industry supply chain.


ØAbbreviations - Acronyms
ØObjectives and background
ØExecutive summary
ØStrategies and action plans of carmakers
ØMaterials/Processes in-series and in-development
ØParts in series and in-development:
• in-series: identification of in-series parts by models
• In-developments: parts under projects
ØKey suppliers and supply chain
ØR&D partners of carmakers
ØCooperative projects, with or without the carmakers
ØInsight into future, most likely parts, materials and processes:
• When
• In what materials and by what processes
• Volume
ØQuantitative market from 2016 up to 2021, with trends after 2021
Upon order
• Depending on when the study is acquired.
• Significant discount and advantages for early birds.
• Advantages for contributors to the study.


In addition to the free database,
early birds will have the possibility to include specific in the study specifications questions relating to their plans. 

Contributors who do not acquire the study: free 10-pages summary of the study
Contributors who acquire the study:
-Promotion of their company in the study
ü1 page in the report
üvisibility on the Internet database and Inovev site (wall)
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