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Automotive Innovative parts and systems

Inovev has developed 
a comprehensive friendly database of automotive systems and parts,
assembled on worldwide cars and 
constructed using composite materials
(more than 500 recent applications - language: English and Chinese).

This database enables players of the automotive composite industry to get the knowledge of already existing valuable applications and therefore define their own targets and action plans.
It can be acquired by itself or in combination with composites studies carried out and marketed by Inovev.

For more information relating to the subscription, please contact us.


Automotive Internet Innovations Platform - I3P



 More information? Have a question? Contact us:

-          By email:
-          By phone: +33 952 96 06 78


More information? Have a question? Contact us:

-          By email:
-          By phone: +33 952 96 06 78



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