Two categories of products are marketed by Inovev:

- Access IDs to the Inovev Platform:
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- Excel files relating to the automotive market (production and registration, achievements and forecasts).
Files are sold as  integrated into the access levels products or separately. For more information on these products, please click here.

All thes products are constructed using a precise and reliable methodology (click here)

This page displays the products relating to the different accesses to the Inovev platform.
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Free Free  1 000 Euros/year
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 Automotive market analyses   
     Weekly analyses
         - Each week on the site and sent by e-mail in pdf format Only "Intros" 50 
analyses by year 
analyses by year
     All analyses (hundreds)      
         - Hundreds of analyses quickly accessible.
         - Analyses easily sorted and found by a search engine.
         - Analyses downloadables to a Powerpoint document. 
 -  -  Unlimited access
 Automotive market data: Excel files
(see details)
     By makes - Production and registrations      
         - One file for Production and one for registrations.
                  World - By month - Updated monthly - 3 last years 
 - 2  Excel files  2  Excel files
    By models - Production and registrations      
         - 6 Excel detailed files : world, by plants and models
                   forecast for Europe (over the next 5 years)
                   Yearly and monthly 
 -  -  Six (6) 
Excel files
 Studies from Inovev and/or Partners      
         - Light version (eg. without charts, pdf format)  -  light version  
         - Full version (pdf and ppt)  -    full version
 Reports and Charts      
         - Monthly executive reports - Production and registrations  - current and archives current and archives
         - Production and registration charts  - monthly  -  by world region  by country
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